Access and Transmission

Access and Transmission

Marine Applications

Poloseas Superhub

Satellite Bandwidth Manager and Telephony.

poloseas superhub

With Our Satellite Bandwidth Manager You Can:

poloseas superhub
  • Control satellite terminal usage Policy.
  • Prioritize usage with QOS (Quality of Service).
  • Issue Voice Pins, VOIP pins, Internet Pins.
  • Call vessel from office via VOIP.
  • Have Email onboard, with compression and resume.
  • Large data or email transfer approvals by shore admin.
  • Maintain VPN connections.
  • Protect vessel network with the built in firewall.
  • Monitor traffic and logs.
  • Radically accelerate ship-to-shore file tranfser.
  • Remain independent when switching providers and/or terminals.
  • Logs from all popular satellite terminals.
  • Remote control and configure all units via an intuitive central web interface.
  • Optimize web access via user policy, caching.
  • GPS location, heading, speed.
  • IPv6 ready

Inmarsat FBB, XpressLink, FleetXpress, and VSAT compatible

Poloseas Superhub is the best performing ship-to-shore bandwidth Manager solution for ship-to-shore satellite communications. With our communication solution and intuitive interface, you can optimize, control, monitor ship-to-shore communications. With our rich feature set you won't outgrow our solution, and you will not need expensive add-ons in order to have a fully functional bandwidth manager.

Billing Control

  • Terminal log collection
  • Firewall metered traffic
  • Reporting day, month
  • Raw logs
  • Carrier claims


  • File Transfer
  • Email on board
  • Compression, Resume, Approvals
  • Call vessel via VOIP


  • Multiple terminals
  • Auto or Manual terminal selection
  • Log collection, parsing
  • Throttling
  • GPS positions

Remote Management

  • Bulk Configuration
  • Updates
  • Traffic and Logs
  • Vessel LAN Access
  • Firewall


  • Inmarsat Voice
  • VOIP Voice pins
  • Voice Accounting
  • Voice Management

Internet Pins

  • Metered Access
  • Smart Proxy
  • Allow/Deny Lists
  • Website Caching
  • Ad Blocking


  • Firewall
  • VPN connections
  • Updates
  • Audit

Inmarsat FBB,
and VSAT compatible


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