Access and Transmission

Access and Transmission

Marine Applications

Poloseas Probe

Advanced Satellite Terminal Log Collector.
Available in Software only or Hardware configurations.

poloseas probe poloseas probe

With Our Advanced Satellite Terminal Log Collector You Can:

  • Maintain an archive of satellite communication traffic logs.
  • Exercise billing control of carrier usage: Data, Voice, Fax.
  • Build a case for carrier claims.
  • Locate satellite communication performance problems.
  • LIVE terminal status on your shore fleetwide web admin.
  • All popular satellite terminals supported.
  • Remote Unix shell into box.*
  • VPN*
  • [*] Hardware version only

Additional Features:

  • Record GPS location, heading and speed.
  • Monitor connection status and signal.
  • Available in Software only or Hardware configurations.
  • Very Easy installation. Get up and running in minutes.
  • Fleetwide central web interface.
  • On board vessel status panel.
  • Interface via API.

Inmarsat FBB and XpressLink compatible

Poloseas Probe is an advanced log collector and aggregator for marine satellite communication antennas.
Features include cloud reporting and administration, voice/fax/data log collection, connection status, signal strength, gps positioning and more.

Billing Control

  • Terminal log collection
  • Reporting day, month
  • Carrier claims
  • Raw logs


  • Export to excel
  • Data Logs
  • Voice, Fax Logs
  • GPS positions


  • Multiple terminals
  • Log collection
  • Signal quality
  • Connection monitoring


  • Simple Configuration
  • Simple Installation
  • Software only or hardware configuation
  • Updates

Hardware Version

  • Simple Config, Installation
  • Remote Unix shell into box
  • VPN
  • Updates

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