Access and Transmission

Access and Transmission

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Poloseas Email

Advanced Email Service for Unstable and Bandwidth Limited Connections.

poloseas email

With Our Advanced Email You Can:

  • Compress email and attachments - up to 90%.
  • Resume transfer on send and receive.
  • Connect via your email server or full email service.
  • Remote manage all accounts on vessels.
  • Large data or email transfer approvals by shore admin.

Poloseas Email is an advanced email service for marine satellite communication environments where connections can be bandwidth limited and unstable.


  • Resume send and receive.
  • Works with any email client.
  • Fleet web administration.

Email features

  • IMAP, POP3 supported.
  • Compress up to 90%.
  • Shore admin approve large emails.

Bandwidth Saving - Up to 90%


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